Causes of itchy skin

When you feel itchy, you scratch. But it is not that simple. Itchy skin can be due to a large number of causes such as rashes, psoriasis or dermatitis. Itchy skin might also be a pointer to liver or kidney irregularities. Itch is also related to redness, roughness, bumps and blisters. In certain cases, the skin might become dry or leathery. Scale–like appearance on the itched skin is also spotted in some people.  In order to get long term relief, the real cause of itchiness need to be identified. The various treatments available for itchy skin include specific medications, wet dressings and light therapy. Anti-itch products and other self-care methods are also widely available. Effective treatment of itchiness not only reduces the irritation but also soothe the inflamed skin surface.

Extreme weather conditions might make the skin itchy. Low-humidity levels, prolonged use of air conditioner or room heaters and excessive washing or bathing are other likely causes. Scabies, lice and chicken pox can also make the skin itchy.

Internal diseases also contribute to itchy skin. Celiac disease, goitre and anaemia top this list. Celiac disease is caused by the mal-absorption of wheat. While thyroid irregularities cause goitre, iron deficiency results in anaemia. If due to internal diseases, the entire skin is likely to be itchy.

Allergic reactions are yet another common cause for itchy skin. Wool, chemicals, soaps and such other substances can irritate the skin and result in itching. Food allergies might also irritate the skin surface.

The skin might get inflamed and itchy as a side effect of certain medications. Antibiotic and antifungal drugs are found to cause increased rashness and itchiness. Narcotic pain killers also irritate the skin. Some women experience severe itching near the abdominal areas and breasts during pregnancy. If a woman already has itchy skin problems such as dermatitis, it is likely to get worsened during her pregnant months.


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