Causes of Neck Pain

Improper routine and unsystematic postures can lead to severe neck pain. This disorder is mainly due to the increased pressure on one’s neck. There are certain simple tips which if strictly followed will help to minimise the pain. Proper sitting posture is extremely important in getting rid of neck pain. One should always sit with a straightened head. Our back should be rested comfortably on the chair. Continuous sitting should be avoided. If something falls down from your hand, do not bend yourself to lift it up. Instead, sit down on the knees to pick it up and as you get up, hold the object close to your body. Pillows and healthy neck won’t go together. Avoiding pillows completely will bring down the neck pain to a good extent. If you spot swellings on neck, never wait a minute to apply heat over it. As far as possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach. Such a posture, that too on a hard bed, is sure to break your neck.

The cervical spine, which we commonly call as neck, is composed of vertebrae that start in the upper torso and end at the skull base. The neck is provided with considerable mobility and also is strong enough to support the weight of the head. Considered to the gravity of its function, neck is not properly protected. Neck is vulnerable to injuries and accidents due to its flexible nature. In many cases, neck pain disappears with time. But, in other cases, the right cause needs to be diagnosed and effectively treated.

Irregularities in the soft tissues including the muscles, ligaments, nerves and the spine joints can result in neck pain. This is mainly due to constant wear and tear. Abnormalities in upper back and shoulders can also be experienced as neck ache. Though rare, tumours also cause pain in your neck. Upper neck is easily prone to Rheumatoid arthritis. Cervical Disk Degeneration is yet another common neck disorder which is usually found in people who are forty plus. This is caused due to the degeneration of the gelatin-like centre of the disk. This narrows the disk space and thereby increases stress on neck.

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