Causes of numbness in left hand

You cannot be blamed if you find yourself getting worried over every slight change that occurs in your body. For no obvious reason, we find people around us falling ill all of a sudden and passing away. If you are concerned over your left hand getting numb quite often, here are the likely causes.

The most frequently found reason for left hand numbness is repetitive-stress motion disorder. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common among repetitive-stress motion disorders. This irregularity is caused by nerve compression and can be extremely painful. The symptoms of this disorder are found to be gradual. The initial symptoms include tingling and numbness in hands. Normally, numbness gives way to severe pain.

Nerve damage or some other disorder in the nerves can also result in left hand numbness. If it is a case of nerve injury, the pain is likely to be a prickling one. Burning sensation is also experienced in some cases.

If you experience the left hand numbness to move over to other parts of the body as well, the most probable cause is a circulatory or neurological dysfunction.

The most critical of all these situations is sudden numbness. An immediate feeling of numbness that affects the entire arm might be an alarm bell rung by the body to warn an impending stroke. Such a kind of sudden numbness calls for immediate medical aid.

Sometimes, the real cause of hand numbness might be something you least expect. For a precise diagnosis, it is better to consult a specialist doctor, especially if it is a case of prolonged repeated numbness. Before going to the hospital, it is advisable to take note of details such as when the numbness occurred first, whether it re-occurs after specific intervals, the duration of numbness experienced etc. If you experience any other trouble, make sure that they are brought under the doctor’s notice, even if you believe them to be irrelevant.


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