Causes of Overeating

overeating Emotional eating can be a tricky thing to understand. If you were to look at a person who may seem big on the outside, there is a chance that they may be hurting on the inside.

This is where emotional eating comes into play; people may eat to make themselves feel better about whatever situation they may be facing. And the result is usually a person becoming overweight.

So what are these three areas that a person needs to look at?

Attempting To Fill a Void

Do you often find yourself thinking, what is your purpose for being here or trying to find ways to make your life more meaningful? This is one of the many areas, which people seek to fill food. Instead of trying to fill a void with food, why not look into a hobby, volunteering, or a passion of yours.

Experiencing a Loss

Grief is very hard to deal with, especially when it is of someone close to you such as a Mother, Father, Sister, or Brother. So you can imagine this is another area, which is dealt with by overeating.

No matter what kind of loss you have experienced, the only way to handle the situation properly is to attempt to get some counseling, or taking the time to just get away and reflect on what has happened.

A Feeling of Loneliness

Loneliness can often be felt in all kinds of situations. Depression, not feeling wanted, feeling like an outsider, or even not knowing how to interact in social settings.

However, food is not going to be the answer here either. Here is what can be done to address this issue, join a church, or surround yourself with people who can offer positive things to your life.

As you can see, food is not the answer for any of the situations. Food is meant to be a means for nourishment and nutritional value. If you feel that, you may be at risk for overeating, then look for help. Although you may feel like you are just eating just because you need to. The underlying causes need to be addressed in order for you to feel better.


One thought on “Causes of Overeating

  1. Marie says:

    It is so obvious that we are losing the fight against obesity, yet we keep on using the same old punches.

    I am convinced that we have to get our mind into the right place in order to succeed with anything. Personally, I am hjaving great success with the gabriel method book and the nevereverdiet meditations. When you convince your body that it wants to be slim, losing weight is automatic.


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