Causes of throat infection

A throat infection refers to discomfort, pain, or scratchiness that occurs in the throat as a result of one or other infection. A sore throat makes one’s life extremely terrible as it is difficult to swallow food and water. In most cases, the situation is felt to be worsened in the morning and improves later as the day progresses.
Generally, sore throat is caused by viral infection.

That is why, antibiotics are not found to be effective in its treatment. Mild throat pain is often one of the major symptoms of cold. It is when the nasal path or sinuses get infected that runny nose is resulted. In some cases, throat pain gets aggravated along with the nasal discomfort.

Strep throat refers to inflamed throat condition that is caused by a kind of bacteria called Streptococci. It makes the throat tissues reddened and inflamed. In normal cases, the condition of infected throat gets improved within a day’s time with proper medication. Rarely, strep throat leads to more serious complications such as rheumatic fever glomerulonephritis, diseases that affect the hearty and kidneys respectively.

Sore throat is a general problem faced by many during the onset of the dry winter months. This usually disappears with a hot drink.  Certain allergies can also result in sore throat. It is important to take the entire course of medicine even though the condition gets better after a couple of doses. Gargling luke warm saline water is found to be extremely helpful in minimizing the discomfort a and pain caused by sore throats.

If the throat infection has resulted in swollen tonsils, you are sure to find it hard to gulp down solid food materials. In such a case, it is advisable to supply the body with nutritious fluids such as fruit juice and soft food materials. However, since sore throat is not a contagious disorder, there is no need to take leave from office or school.

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