Causes Of Vomiting In Children

Vomiting is generally considered as a reflex action. It is the body’s way of responding to some intestinal irregularity. But, viral illnesses, migraine headaches, head injuries etc can also cause vomiting.

In case of vomiting children, parents should pay heed to any other associated symptoms such as diarrhoea, excessive sleepiness, rashes, abdominal pain, sore throat, cough etc. If you find any sort of discolouration in the vomit, the child should be rushed to the hospital.

As part of first-aid, a child with vomiting tendency should be allowed to take adequate rest. He should be supplied with adequate amounts of fluids at regular intervals. But, make sure that he is not provided with too much fluid at one time. This will enhance his temptation to vomit it out. These steps are done in order to prevent the risk of dehydration.

If your child is less than two months old, then you need to consult your paediatrician immediately. If the child’s body gives out any sign of dehydration, then also immediate medical help should be sought. Other signals to which you need to pay heed to include, decreased urination, dryness in mouth and lack of tears as the baby cries.

The abdominal skin of the sick child should be examined. If it sort of stands up when pinched and feels doughy, do not waste a minute in taking him to the doctor. If the child’s vomit is green or yellow in colour, then also take him to the hospital immediately.

You must not wait for more than a day, depending only on home remedies. If the child finds it difficult even to stand on his own, realise that he is getting deprived of all his energy. In case of frequent and severe vomiting, ensure that your child gets medical attention before his body gets dehydrated completely. If the child behaves confused as if he has a seizure, then he is likely to be dehydrated within no time.

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