Chair massage

Chair Massage (or seated massage) cites to a brief bodywork session that is generally acupressure-based, performed in a special chair. During chair massage, the client normally sits facing towards the cushion, exposing the scalp, shoulder, neck, arms, back, and buttocks. The sessions might last between 5 minutes to half an hour.

Chair massage checks the circulatory problems underlying with office work—and provides a valuable break for employees. Undergoing chair massage can open up the back muscles, relieve strain on the neck and provide a gentle respite for eyes generally glued to computer monitors.

It is now proven that even 20 minutes of chair massage to the neck, back, upper extremities can improve circulation; return the energy levels and help to keep the body injury free. Since its discover, the chair massage has boomed in storefronts, health stores, aerodromes, flights, health exhibitions and fairs, convention centers, sports events, and other public places. Because the massage seeker remain fully clothed and a session that consumes little time and money as compared to full table massage, chair massage has become quite popular technique to introduce the general public.
There are many benefits that chair massage can offer and some of the most common benefits are mentioned below:

• It offers deep relaxation and reduces stress.
• Chair massage fastens the healing from pulled muscles and sprained ligaments.
• It relieves muscle tension and stiffness.
• It gives relief from tension or eyestrain headache.
• It promotes deep and easy breathing.
• Chair massage improves circulation of both; blood and lymph fluids.
• It reduces the elevated blood pressure.
• It reduces muscle spasms and tensions.
• It offers greater joint flexibility and range of motion.
• It makes movements free and easy.


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