Challenges before new mothers

Newly pregnant mothers often lead their lives in a ‘wonderland’. Knowingly or unknowingly, they tend to weave many dreams with colourful threads of imagination. They envision peaceful scenes of rocking the babies; effortlessly breast feeding them, washing or stitching baby clothes as they sleep for hours etc.  In their minds, they go on inventing new and new methods of caring for their little one.

But, once the child is born, you find things to be different. Of course, being gifted with a healthy baby is a great blessing in itself. Postpartum is also a period that demands tremendous adjustment from the part of the mother. But, there is absolutely no need to panic, as you are also no longer the same person. The pangs of childbirth are sure to make you more mature, both mentally and physically. You are simply ready to face all the fresh challenges and are willing to go to any extent to care for your little one. A happy baby means a happier mom. But, in most cases, babies are not all that happy as they need time to settle into their new environment.

Fussy babies might shatter their mothers’ wall of confidence. If the baby finds it difficult to latch on to the breast, or if you have pain while lactating, try a different position of feeding. In most cases, the babies cry for hours for reasons we might not be able to make out. Anyhow, make them feel secure as much as possible by holding them in your hands. You will have to wait for the baby to outgrow that condition. Baby slings are found to be useful in some cases.

Babies are most likely to rob their mothers off their sleep. Sleep deprivation, stress caused by this drastic change, physical demands of childbirth etc can all lead to mood swings in the mother. Sometimes, you feel frustrated at the child’s father for no obvious reason. Relax, as it is all part of the new game. Always ensure that your body is supplied with nutritious food, as it has to meet both own demands and that of the new born. You should also communicate effectively with your partner regarding what exactly is expected of him. Talking with other mothers about how they tackled similar situations can also be extremely helpful.


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