Challenges faced by breastfeeding moms

Breast milk, no doubt, is the best source of nutrition as far as babies are concerned. But, new mothers face many concerns when it comes to breastfeeding their baby. While some find it as an easy process, some others find it painful and challenging. Both mother and the baby require enough patience and perseverance to get along and hook onto a feeding routine.

During the first few days, new moms find it a bit uncomfortable to breast-feed the baby. But, they need to be made aware of the importance of such a practice and thus should be helped in overcoming it. Latch-on pain is indeed a hurting experience, though it usually lasts only for less than a minute. If pain is experienced throughout the feeding period, it should be brought under a lactation consultant’s care. Because, prolonged pain might point to an infection.

Breastfed babies tend to eat more often than babies who are fed formula, because breast milk gets easily digested when compared to formula. This means, your baby might need you every two or three hours (maybe more, maybe less) during the first few weeks. Of course, this might be a bit tiring, but once the feeding routine has been established, a reliable family member or nurse might help you by providing the baby with pumped breast milk.

Women who breastfeed their babies need to pay attention regarding what they drink and eat. Whatever be their food intake, it will eventually affect their baby as well through breast milk. Just like the care they took during the pregnant months, lactating mothers should be careful to avoid the intake of food materials that are high in mercury. As far as possible, alcohol consumption should also be avoided. Caffeine, intake should be limited to less than 300 milligrams per day. A lactating woman should seek the advice of a lactation consultant if she is doubtful regarding any specific heath irregularity.


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