Chinese Baby Names

Traditions in China vary considerably from the Western culture when naming a baby. Chinese names are only ever repeated by complete accident.

The majority of given Chinese baby names are completely unique. Please see below for some examples of those for a Baby girl and Baby boy which should be referred to as information only to honor the tradition adopted in China.

The correct order

The order in which names in China (Chinese baby names) are presented is the reverse to those from Western cultures. Traditionally these would therefore be transcribed in the following order: surname, given name. There are often errors in transcriptions when the characters of the given name are written separately. Many Chinese-Americans have adopted a Western name however they use their given Chinese baby name as a middle name.

Chinese Given Names

There are thousands of Chinese characters and the given name originating in China usually consists of two syllables taken from any of the thousands of these Chinese characters. The range of names is therefore almost limitless. These can represent and reflect all forms of nature and the environment or characteristics or even have mystical meanings. Many reflect specific periods in history. The Western custom of naming a baby after the given name of another member of the family would be unheard of in the Chinese culture.

Chinese Surnames

These are predominately family surnames. They are passed down from one generation to the next. Surnames in China convey the family’s history and the deeds of their ancestors. As explained at the top of the page the majority of Chinese baby names are unique to each baby. Any duplication of a first name is purely coincidental. The following list of male and female Chinese baby names is therefore only listed as examples and should be referred to as information only.

Below are some Chinese baby names

1. Mu
2. Ning
3. Niu
4. Nuo
5. Qing
6. Quon
7. An
8. Chao
9. Chen
10. Cheng
11. Chi
12. Cong
13. Dewei
14. Fai
15. Guang
16. Jia Li
17. Jie
18. Le
19. Li
20. Li Hua
21. Li Mei
22. Li Ming
23. Lian
24. Liang
25. Ling
26. Lixue
27. Lok
28. Long
29. Ming Yue
30. Mulan
31. On
32. Park
33. Ping
34. Qi
35. Qiao
36. Qing Yuan

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