Complications during Pregnancy

Are you Experiencing Complications During Pregnancy?

As pregnancy is such a joyous occasion in ones life we often forget, or perhaps choose to ignore the possible pregnancy complications which may arise, and cause harm to both you and your growing baby.

Pregnancy complications should never be overlooked, even if you may never have any, it is better to know what the problems and complications are occurring during your pregnancy

Bell’s Palsy : complications during pregnancy

This condition involves a sudden onset of painless loss of facial muscle function. Lowering the eyebrows, closing the eye or pursing the lips is not possible. Patients may also experience a loss of taste in the anterior 2/3rd’s of the tongue as well as pain posterior to the ear. While this condition has currently no known cause, many believe that vertebral subluxations are at least partly responsible.

Breast Cancer: complications during pregnancy

Breast cancer is occurring earlier and earlier in women. Breast cancer occurs in approximately 1 out of every 3,000 pregnancies. It’s important to have a breast examination prior to pregnancy or early on in the pregnancy to check for its presence and establish a baseline if present.

Anemia – Complications During Pregnancy

One of the common pregnancy complications, this occurs when there is an insufficient amount of blood cells circulating in the mother’s blood. At some point in their pregnancy, many woman experience this pregnancy complication. Mild cases of anemia during pregnancy shouldn’t harm your baby.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) During Pregnancy

Chronic hypertension is when a woman’s blood pressure is elevated before pregnancy. Pregnancy-induced hypertension, however, is when a woman’s blood pressure is elevated only during pregnancy. About 8% of pregnancies result in pregnancy-induced hypertension, and usually develops anytime after 20 weeks

Eclampsia – Complications During Pregnancy

Eclampsia during pregnancy is a very rare, but serious pregnancy complication in which it’s developed as a result of a pregnant woman having pre-eclampsia. The major symptoms of eclampsia are seizures and coma, so diagnosing pre-eclampsia during pregnancy can be vital.

Coccydynia : complications during pregnancy

This condition simply refers to a painful coccyx. The coccyx bone is located on the end of your sacrum or tailbone and can become irritated and painful in pregnancy. This is especially evident in the final trimester due to the position of the baby and the lack of room for the baby to maneuver. Manual adjustment of the coccyx is often required and can be safely and successfully performed by the chiropractor.

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