Controlling hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the killer health conditions in the world. However, it does not kill person directly but can catastrophically damage important human organs such as kidney, heart and brain. Most of the people have essential hypertension that has no definite causes. Some health care providers believe it might be due in part to some genetic predispositions.

The chances of developing this condition increase as the age advances. In the last few decades, the risks for high blood pressure have increased due to noticeable decline in healthy lifestyle. In fact, 9 out of 10 persons are at risks to develop hypertension after age 50.

Controlling hypertension is quite easy if some strict regimens are followed. One has to cut off the sodium intake and also to restrict diet to simple and light food. Oily food, too spicy food is to be avoided. Canned/packed and foods with preservatives are to be kept away from your regular dietary pattern.

Some of the medications those contain natural herbs such as Morepheme Dilguard is loaded with potential herbs that help lowering the high blood pressure naturally. Some of the single herbs such as Morpheme Ashwagandha and Morepehem Arjuna are also said to have beneficial effects on the blood pressure and make high blood pressure down.

Yoga and mediation have shown miracles according to some research. In fact, it is a current trend to practice yoga and meditation as they not only keep the diseases away but can also help achieving quality life and wellbeing.

Some of the Ayurvedic formula such as Cardocare helps controlling hypertension in a natural way. However, one has to continue such natural products for about 3-4 months in order to see good results. Some of the Ayurvedic practitioners prefer to give some natural diuretics such as Morpheme Punarnava in order to lessen the burden heart carries to pump the blood throughout the body.


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