Coping up after a break up

Whether the sad affair of ‘dumping’ was done ON you or BY you, break ups are always terrible to be gotten over. But, somehow or other you have to overcome the wreck and must move on. Post-break up phase should not be one of isolation. You can certainly lean on families and friends for the much-required support. But, ultimately, you yourself will have to fuel your mind for the vital change. “Moving on” involves two stages. The first part is ‘letting go off’ the former relation and the second one is that of getting back into the ‘dating game’.

The first thing to do, once the break up is made complete, is to get rid of all the remembrances of the ex-relationship. Pictures, gifts etc should all be cleared.  If possible, try a new haircut and let the world know that you are a changed person. Without doubt, all contact numbers and ids of your ex need to be erased, initially from your mobile phone and later from your mind. It is a good idea to go on a tour to some distant spot along with a single friend. If you need more time to get back to the old circle of pals, why not try making new online friends?

Now, wondering when is the right time to stat dating again? If you are in a position to come up with a quick explanation regarding the failed relation without feeling a surge of emotimns within, be assured that your wounds have been healed. If the thoughts about your ex still rules your mind, be patient to let time take its role of an absolute healer.

If it was rather a long relationship, naturally you will require more time to get over it.  Always give yourself ample time, only then can you enjoy your next love life to the maximum. When you finally get ready to start the new relationship, always make sure that you accept him or her in their own terms.

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