Cruise Embarrasses Himself Again On Talk Show

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has again embarrassed himself on television. This time he did so by assaying to create an impression of Elvis Presley. It took place during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Apparently, Cruise was chatting with Leno about his wife Katie Holmes. Cruise stated that she was busy with working on Broadway. Then Leno asked whether Cruise will also be doing the same, he answered in affirmative. However, he did not stop with that. Cruise went on to reveal that before he became a popular film star, he was involved in a production of the musical “Guys and Dolls”.

That was enough for Cruise. Jay Leno was given time to come up with yet another question on the issue. Without putting a second thought to it, Cruise started singing Presley’s beautiful song “Blue Suede Shoes”. If the episode had ended with the song, there would not have been much for Cruise to feel embarrassed later. But, the recital was soon followed by the star trying to imitate the legendary singer, Elvis Presley. However, thanks to the advertisement break that was inevitable, the embarrassing act did no go on air for a longer period.

None of his fans might have forgotten the last time he made a similar show. That was however for a much more personal cause. Cruise apparently had jumped on a couch in order to proclaim his love for wife Katie Holmes on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ in 2005. But at least some of his ardent fans had then justified his infamous act by saying that each man has his own ways of expressing love. Anything is, after all, fair in war and love. But, this time the celebrity star has cut a real sorry figure of himself by trying to mimic a legend in public as part of a television show.


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