Cure for Albinism

Congenital hypopigmentary disorders, known as albinism, result from a defect in the production of pigment (melanin) in the skin, eyes, and hair. This is due to the dysfunction of the melanin-producing cells (melanocytes).

There is no Cure for albinism. Treatment is aimed to ease the symptoms and it depends on the extent of the disorder. Treatment of the eye conditions consists of visual rehabilitation.

Optometrists or ophthalmologists recommend various optical aids. Young children may simply need glasses, and older children can sometimes benefit from bifocal glasses. The most promising Cure for albinism is the eye muscle surgery that reduces the movement of the eyes but vision may not improve in all cases due to other associated eye abnormalities.

For photophobia the eye doctors prescribe dark glasses that shield the eyes from bright light. In case of strabismus, ophthalmologists prefer to treat the infants at the age of six months before the function of their eyes has developed fully. They may recommend that parents patch one eye to promote the use of the non-preferred eye.

Although surgery is rarely part of Cure for albinism, your ophthalmologist may recommend surgery on optical muscles that minimizes nystagmus and may provide modest improvement in vision. Surgery to correct strabismus may make the condition less noticeable, but it won’t improve vision.

Patients with albinism should avoid excessive exposure to the sun, to wear proper glasses, take vitamins and other prescription gave them by the doctor, cover their skin as much as possible. Before conceive a baby, parents should make tests, to identify the albinism gene and to be sure that their child doesn’t inherit the albinism. Prevent is the best doctor in world. The most accurate type of test is the genetic one. The only treatment to Cure for albinism is to reduce the symptoms.

Optometrists recommend various optical aids as Cure for albinism, like simply glasses or bifocal glasses. Rehabilitation is a reliable treatment for eye, but it’s not a cure. There are only solutions to make their life better, but this is an illness with no cure it’s a genetically illness. All people with albinism can’t be treated but can be prudent, and doctors can make their life easier.

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