Cure for Boredom

Boredom may be a boring subject, but it’s an important one because it is the source of much misery. You see, it is accompanied by, or leads to, feelings of loneliness, emptiness, helplessness, inadequacy, sadness, despair, and even depression.

When allowed to spin out of control, there can be serious repercussions. For example, some may try to get Cure for boredom by turning to drugs, sex, and alcohol. Yet, all they succeed in doing is compounding their problem.

Faced with what they believe to be boring and pointless lives, some young people drop out of school and engage in violence, crime, and sexual promiscuity. Addictions trap them in a world of darkness from which they cannot escape. So, you see, something as innocent as boredom can have severe consequences if it is not dropped quickly.

One source of boredom may be the endless pursuit of pleasure, for pleasure cannot be endless. Therefore, in seeking it, we are bound to be disappointed. Life is not about a quest for pleasure, but about a reason for living. Our reason for living is a personal one, and one that we create. If we create it and live up to it during our free time, we won’t experience boredom though we need Cure for boredom

Boredom also arises when we are preoccupied with ourselves. How can we be bored when we live in such an incredible universe? Or such a wonderful country? Whenever we direct our attention outward, we will find much to be excited about, learn about, and get involved with. If we insist on consuming our time with thoughts of ourselves, we may come to realize, as Dylan Thomas (1914 ~ 1953) did that “Somebody’s boring me… I think it’s me.” Boredom is essentially being bored with yourself. So, if you use your spare time to make yourself interesting, you’ll never be bored to be with yourself!

If you want to find Cure for boredom, do something useful. Such as, creating a list of things to do when you’re bored. Keep adding to the list; keep it handy, and refer to it whenever you’re bored.

When you were a child, mommy placed you in a room full of toys. But now, you are an adult, so stop wanting to have everything done for you. Accept responsibility for your own happiness.

Awaken the curiosity of your childhood. There are whole new worlds to discover.

Boredom is not caused by a lack of things to do as much as unwillingness to do anything. So, to cure Cure for boredom develops your will by taking action. It’s okay to feel lazy and bored, but choose an activity and do it anyway.

Boredom is also a cry for change. But not superficial or meaningless changes, such as switching from one bar to another. Rather, it calls for substantial change, such as replacing your nightlife with night school.

Refresh your body by taking a walk or exercising. Boredom can simply be a sign that your body needs reinvigorating.

To Cure for boredom Visit the park, for besides pond scum, you’ll find gentle breezes, melodious birds, chirping insects, the scent of moist trees, the fragrance of blossoms, glittering streams, scurrying squirrels, the sound of children at play, park benches, hot dogs, elderly people leisurely taking a walk, and much more.

Set goals. They give you something to plan, tasks to do, and the pleasure of looking forward to achieving them. Those who lead goal oriented lives are never bored and experience exhilaration with each accomplishment.

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