Cure for Hemorrhoids

Definition of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids (also known as “piles“) are dilated or bulging veins of the rectum and anus, caused by increased pressure in the rectal veins. Fifty to seventy-five percent of all Americans develop hemorrhoids.

Description of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids involve the blood vessels that line the anus. Pressure on the walls of the rectum weakens the muscles that support the hemorrhoidal vessels. They then become enlarged and lose their support and result in a sac-like protrusion inside the rectal canal (called internal hemorrhoids) or under the skin around the anus (called external hemorrhoids).

If the internal hemorrhoid pushes out of the anal opening, this hemorrhoid is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid. Sometimes, blood can pool in an external hemorrhoid, forming a clot (thrombus). This hemorrhoid is called a thromboses external hemorrhoid.

Some of the effective herbs for cure for hemorrhoids

Japanese Pagoda Tree (Sophora japonica)

Japanese pagoda tree extract is one of the best herbal supplements for naturally treating hemorrhoids. Clinical studies have found that this herbal extract successfully eliminated the hemorrhoids symptoms with an amazing 94% success rate.

The purified herbal extracts of Japanese pagoda tree have been shown to help normalize the permeability of veins and capillaries, strengthen vein walls, and provide the necessary nutrients to maintain optimal vein health.

Japanese pagoda tree extract is a unique ingredient that you will only find in Hemaron.

Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

With its long history of use in the treatment of various circulation and vein conditions, Horse chestnut is an essential ingredient in the treatment of the symptoms for hemorrhoids. Studies have shown that this extract has the ability to support vascular circulation, as well as strengthen connective tissues and vein tone.

Butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus)

Butcher’s broom has been used for many decades as a trusted herb for hemorrhoids. It acts as a natural vasoconstrictor with anti-inflammatory properties. Butcher’s broom also has the unique ability to strengthen and tone veins.

Other cure for hemorrhoids

Medical treatment of hemorrhoids is initially aimed at relieving symptoms. Measures to reduce symptoms include:

* Warm tub or sitz baths several times a day in plain, warm water for about 10 minutes
* Ice packs to help reduce swelling
* Application of petroleum jelly, cortisone creams, hemorrhoidal cream (such as Preparation-H) or suppositories to the affected area
* Wearing cotton underwear and loose clothing is another good cure for hemorrhoids.
* Cleaning the anus after each bowel movement by patting gently with moist toilet paper or moistened pads is effective cure for hemorrhoids
* Taking acetaminophen or aspirin

For hemorrhoids that don’t respond to self-care measures, there are some other techniques to alleviate the hemorrhoids:

For the cure for hemorrhoids those are internal, one of five methods is usually used:

1. Rubber Band Ligation – This procedure is a great cure for hemorrhoids that involves placing a small rubber band at the base of the internal hemorrhoid. The band cuts off blood supply to the hemorrhoid, causing it to shrivel up and fall off in about four to seven days.

2. Injection Sclerotherapy – This procedure involves injecting a chemical solution into the mucous membrane near the hemorrhoid. This chemical causes inflammation and closure of the veins, thereby shrinking the hemorrhoid.

3. Infrared Photocoagulation – This is effective cure for hemorrhoids that procedure involves directing an infrared light to coagulate (clot) the dilated veins of the hemorrhoid. This causes the hemorrhoids to shrink, since the blood does not flow through the coagulated blood vessels.

4. Laser Coagulation – This new procedure as a cure for hemorrhoids that involves the application of an electric current to the hemorrhoids. The electric current, emitted by an electrode probe, triggers a chemical reaction that shuts down the blood supply in the hemorrhoid and causes the inflamed tissue to shrink.

5. Hemorrhoidectomy – This procedure is also a good cure for hemorrhoids that involves surgically removing the hemorrhoid groups in the anal canal, and is performed with a scalpel, cautery device or laser.

For the cure for hemorrhoids those are external, one of three methods is used:

1. Infrared Photocoagulation
2. Laser Coagulation
3. Hemorrhoidectomy

For the treatment of a prolapsed hemorrhoid, a hemorrhoidectomy is recommended.
For the cure for hemorrhoids that is a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, drainage of the hemorrhoid or a hemorrhoidectomy is recommended.

Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment

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