Cure for Itch

To get cure for itch peppermint bath is highly beneficial.

If itching is in a particular area application of Vicks vapor rub will provide immediate relief.

Mix equal amounts of honey and cinnamon powder and make a fine paste. Apply this paste on affected areas to stop itching. This is very good cure for Itch.

Put 2 cups of oatmeal in a tub with Luke warm water.

Make a solution by adding ¼ parts of apple cider vinegar and ½ parts of water and wash the affected skin with this water as it provides relief. This is one of the effective cures for itch.

Pour a cupful of white vinegar in bath water and soak the body in it for 5-10 minutes.

Application of cod liver oil or Aloe Vera to the affected area is also beneficial.

To cure for itch dry skin, it’s always better to use moisturizer after every wash.

Cover the affected area with a light paste of coconut oil and limejuice. This is one of the effective cures for Itch.

A salt free diet is the best to cure for itch skin.

Application of vitamin E oil is also effective.

Make a mixture using Aloe Vera, cod liver oil, lemon juice, vitamin E oil and wheat germ oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area. This is a good and effective home remedy for itching.

A hot water application to the affected area will provide immediate relief.

Application of paste made my mixing baking soda with water is also effective cure for itch.

Blood Purifier

Acacia is considered as valuable herb for treating various skin allergies. It regulates the histamine secretion and helps building immunity to fight against various allergens.

Some benefits are mentioned below –

* Any skin problem especially skin allergies
* As a blood purifier (hematological disorders)

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Skin Care Supplement

It is considered to be very valuable in treating enlarged liver, spleen, and dropsy. In Ayurvedic texts, the herb is also mentioned to have fair complexion of the skin.

The herb has many uses to treat various health ailments but some of the indications are preferred for the herb as Eclipta shows excellent results treating those conditions –

* The best hair and skin care herb
* Hepatic and Splenic diseases

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