Cure for Ringworm Home Remedy

Are you seeking a cure for ringworm home remedy? Many people try home remedies for ringworm infections, and frustrated sufferers have invented a wide assortment of homemade preparations. From raw vegetables and leaf extracts to essential oils and tellurium, the list continues to grow.

The effectiveness and practicality of cure for ringworm home remedy is debatable. Although some people claim that homemade preparations are far more successful than conventional methods in eradicating the fungal cause of ringworm, most home remedies do not work. Many learn this the hard way: moving from one home remedy to another before realizing too late that the ringworm has already spread to other body parts.

Some of the known cure for ringworm home remedy –

* Take a raw fresh papaya and cut out slices. Rub the slice on the ringworm patch. It serves as an excellent home remedy for ringworms.

* Take a few mustard seeds and powder them. Thereafter, make a paste using water. Apply the paste on the ringworm-affected area and see its wonderful effects.

* Apply the juice extracted from the Holy basil leaves on the patch twice or thrice a day.

* The seeds of the herb butea have been found to be effective in treating the ringworms and hence are good cure for ringworm home remedy. Grind a few seeds of this herb and form a paste, using little limejuice. Thereafter, apply the mixture on the ringworm patch.

Other way for cure for ringworm home remedy


Used to control excessive itching and the growth of fungi, it is widely used against ringworm. To eliminate the temptation to scratch, many believe in dabbing the skin with sulfur and ringworm itching will subside.

For dandruff, try using a shampoo that contains sulfur and ringworm will be prevented from spreading all over the scalp. In addition, ringworm-infected animals are sometimes dipped in diluted solutions of sulfur and ringworm can then be controlled and prevented from infecting humans. However, sulfur is corrosive to the skin and can cause blindness if it gets into the eyes. It is important to only use sulfur products that are specifically formulated to treat ringworm, and that are diluted enough to not damage the skin.

Blood Purifier

Acacia is considered as valuable herb for treating various skin allergies. It regulates the histamine secretion and helps building immunity to fight against various allergens.

Some benefits are mentioned below –

* Any skin problem especially skin allergies
* As a blood purifier (hematological disorders)

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Skin Care Supplement

It is considered to be very valuable in treating enlarged liver, spleen, and dropsy. In Ayurvedic texts, the herb is also mentioned to have fair complexion of the skin.

The herb has many uses to treat various health ailments but some of the indications are preferred for the herb as Eclipta shows excellent results treating those conditions –

* The best hair and skin care herb
* Hepatic and Splenic diseases

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