Cure for Seasickness

There’s no cure for sea sickness once it strikes, but there are measures you can take to prevent it from happening or to relieve it. Take travel sickness pills half an hour before you start your journey.

Check with your doctor or chemist that any medication you are already taking is compatible.

Don’t drink alcohol and don’t travel on an empty stomach. Eat bland; easily digestible food is cure for seasickness.

Try and keep yourself occupied by talking, playing games or listening to music.

Go up on deck if possible. Fresh cool air and wind help to reduce nausea as it is cure for seasickness
Try eating crystallized ginger it settles the stomach as a cure for seasickness.

You can buy wrist bands with a little knob that presses on a point on the inside of the wrist just above the hand. These are said to be based on Chinese methods of treating illness by using pressure points.
They are available from chemists.

Tips to cure for seasickness

· Don’t drink caffeine the day before or day of. If you are addicted to caffeine the first day you stop drinking your coffee you will have a caffeine headache. This is the last thing you want if you get seasick so you may want to stop your caffeine intake a couple days before.

· Stay away from greasy, heavy and acidic foods is a cure for seasickness..

· Eat something light an hour before you leave so your stomach has something to process.

· Stay in a spot with plenty of fresh air and shade is another way for cure for seasickness.

· Avoid drinking alcohol the night before.

· Do extra preparation before lifting anchor. This includes the extra batteries for the handheld gps, water for the trip etc. all should be within reach so you don’t need to go below to get them.

· On a short trip, if you know you get seasick, if you need to go below (to the head), do only that. Do not get sidetracked into doing anything else like looking for something. You will end up spending the next couple hours recuperating. Don’t be afraid to ask someone else to do or find what you need even if you have just been below.

· Turn the boat to a broad reach instead of running. You may have to tack a couple times but this may change the movement of the boat so it is much more comfortable.

· Lying down horizontally while looking at the horizon or your eyes closed may help fend off the ill feeling and is cure for seasickness.

· Steering the boat (like driving a car) helps keep your mind off motion sickness and temporarily stops symptoms.

· Drink a weak solution of hot tea mixed with ginger, or better brew up some ginger only tea. Ginger has been dismissed by the Us Navy for seasickness but I find that it does help alleviate some nausea as this is the best cure for seasickness.

Ginger Supplements

Ginger is very essential herb in medicine as a carminative and gastrointestinal stimulant. Ginger is reported to contain an anti-histaminic factor.

Many researchers have found that ginger can help preventing motion sickness up to significant extent. According to one study that was published in the Journal of Travel Medicine, found that among 1,741 travelers on a 6 hr whale-watching boat trip, 500 mg of Zingiber prevented motion seasickness as well as the requirement for motion sickness medicines.

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