Cure for Severely Dry Skin

The outer layer of your skin consists of dead skin cells – it’s a protective layer designed to protect the delicate living cells of the deeper layers of skin. This layer of skin needs to stay moisturized to protect the deeper layers of skin.

In order to keep the moisture (water) from leaving the outer layer of skin, the skin produces natural oils. These oils also help keep irritants away from the deeper layers of skin. Regular washing with soap or exposure to chemicals can remove these natural oils. Whatever the case is, cure for severely dry skin is necessary.

When the natural oil is stripped from the outer layer of skin the moisture (water) quickly leaves the outer layer of skin leaving the skin dry, irritated, and itchy. Worse, the deeper layers of skin are left exposed to harsh damaging substances including detergents, solvents, cleaners, paint and thinners, gardening chemicals, dirt and grease, latex gloves and powder, etc. This is the time to see cure for severely dry skin

You can cure for severely dry:

· Moisturizing regularly, particularly after bathing or shaving will help protect your skin from the elements, keep it soft supple and moist. Moisturizing is particularly important before going out in the cold, as this is where the most damage usually occurs.

· Another cure for severely dry is bathing properly without excessively hot water, flannels and harsh shower gels or soaps. The above combination can wash and scrub the sebum oils from the skin almost completely, leaving your skin completely vulnerable to drying. The idea is to bath to clean, but work with your skin, not against it. Use lukewarm water, a skin friendly soap such as Dove or Olay, and avoid scrubbing utilities. The same goes for drying with a towel, pat yourself dry don’t scrub.

· Using a humidifier whilst you have central heating on can help cure for severely dry and to prevent the central heating from drying out your skin. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons so many people suffer from bad skin during the winter, even if they don’t go out of the house much.

· Eating a good diet is all important as cure for severely dry. You’re skin can only be as good as the nutrients your body supplies it with, after all. Eating a good balanced diet with plenty of Vitamin A, B and Vitamin C and sulfur minerals will make your skin much healthier.

Other tips as cure for severely dry skin

· Do not take long, hot showers. While it seems that this is the cure for dry skin, it actually dries it out even more. Your showers should be lukewarm and short.

· To preserve skin oils, use very mild soaps (not deodorant or scented types) or non-soap bars or gels along with warm water.

· After a brief (5 to 10 minutes only) shower, pat yourself dry. Too much towel drying will leave your skin drier than it was before the shower, as will letting water just evaporate off of you.

· Moisturize your body right after your shower to seal in water, and repeat throughout the day is cure for severely dry skin. The best moisturizers are ointments, such as petroleum jelly (use a little and rub in well), and even vegetable shortening (I don’t know about this). The next most effective are oil moisturizers, including baby oil and mineral oil. Cream moisturizers come next, with lotions being the least effective.

· For faces, use a moisturizer with sunscreen is cure for severely dry skin; for lips, petroleum jelly or lip balm. You may need a heavier moisturizer than you use in the summer.

· Protect your hands by moisturizing them after each hand washing and wearing rubber gloves when immersing them in water is cure for severely dry skin.

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