Cure for Tongue Ulcers

July 2, 2008

Many people are suffering from tongue ulcer problem. First let us know what is tongue ulcer ?.Tongue ulcer is characterized by white colored lesions or ulcers on tongue.

This white color lesion tongue ulcers are not severe type, but when the same white patches on the tongue changes into blood red then it is a severe tongue ulcer bleeding is also possible in this case. Tongue ulcers are also called as aphthous ulcer.

Cure for tongue ulcers

There is Cure for tongue ulcers on tongue as well as some home remedies that can be beneficial for some individuals. Many medical practitioners recommend the intake of B-complex vitamins to help with the healing process of the ulcers. The direct application of glycerin on the ulcers will also speed up the healing process of the ulcers.

The Cure for tongue ulcers is applying butter on the lesions to alleviate the pain, using a solution of salt and warm water to clean the lesions, eating ripe papayas will also help to lessen the lesions and consumption of approximately a tablespoon of coconut oil daily for the duration of your ulcer will help to heal the stomach ulcer which in turn will heal the ulcers on tongue.

Tongue ulcers may seem a bit painful and inconvenient when talking or eating but they are not life threatening and can be easily cured with the right medication. There are some over the counter remedies as well as home remedies that work just as Cure for tongue ulcers

Some of the Cure for tongue ulcers you can try at home for reducing the pain and curing it quickly can be:-

a. Applying glycerin on the affected part.

b. Applying butter on the lesion of tongue.

c. Applying honey mixed with pipal tree leaves and its roots is a Cure for tongue ulcers.

d. Drinking small amount of coconut oil and tender coconut water, which will also help you for your stomach ulcers.

e. Cleaning your mouth with a mixture of salt and hot water is a Cure for tongue ulcers.

f. Applying milk of the banyan tree.

g .Eating papaya fruits is a Cure for tongue ulcers

h. Taking B-complex tablets and vitamin tablets.

You can always consult your doctor if you find the symptoms of tongue ulcers persist for longer period of time. It may lead to cancer and so recommended that whenever you feel that tongue ulcer for you is lasting longer or is appearing many times in a year you should visit your doctor.

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