Cure for Turner Syndrome

June 18, 2008

Turner syndrome (TS) is a medical problem that affects about one in every 2,500 girls. Although researchers don’t know exactly what causes Turner syndrome, they do know that it’s the result of a problem with a girl’s chromosomes (pronounced: krow-muh-soamz).

Most girls are born with two X chromosomes, but girls with Turner syndrome are born with only one X chromosome or they are missing part of one X chromosome. The effects of the condition vary widely among girls with Turner syndrome. It all depends on how many of the body’s cells are affected by the changes to the X chromosome.

Cure for turner syndrome aims to prevent or control infections and to boost the patient’s immune response. Injection of immune serum globulin (gamma globulin, IV Ig) helps maintain immune response. Because these injections are painful, give them deep into a large muscle mass, such as the gluteal or thigh muscles, and massage well.

If the dosage is more than 1.5 ml, divide it and inject it into more than one site; for frequent injections, rotate the injection sites. Because immune globulin is composed primarily of IgG, the patient may also need fresh frozen plasma infusions to provide IgA and IgM. Mucosal secretory IgA can’t be replaced by therapy, resulting in crippling pulmonary disease in many patients.

Judicious use of antibiotics also helps combat infection; in some cases, chronic broad-spectrum antibiotics may be indicated. During acute infection, monitor the patient closely. Maintain adequate nutrition and hydration. Perform chest physiotherapy if required.

Ways to obtain Cure for turner syndrome:

• Surgery to correct any heart defects

• Growth hormone therapy to increase height

• Hormone replacement therapy to trigger menstruation and the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as breasts

• Regular monitoring to check hormone levels

• Regular follow-up and management of medical conditions

• Treatment for the management of complications such as high blood pressure

• Assisted reproduction.

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