Cures for Fever Blister

Here are the cures for fever blister

Herbal Sage, Tea Tree Oil and the herbal sedative Violet have been used as one of the cures for fever blister

– Petroleum jelly can be applied to fever blister to moisturize and soften them so can help to prevent them from cracking and bleeding as this is one of the cures for fever blister.

– Lemon balm contains tannins, which acts as antiviral and astringent. It can help to reduce symptoms and speed up the healing.

– Mixture Tea tree oil and olive oil in equal parts applied directly 2-3 times a day. Tea tree oil acts as antiseptic and is one of the cures for fever blister.

– Echinacea is a potent antiviral, has been suggested as a treatment for fever blister.

Fever blisters usually heal within 2 weeks; certain home remedies for cold sores can speed the healing and help to prevent them because some of home remedies contain substances that build up your immune system.

Please remember that home remedy and herbal treatments must be used appropriately, and therefore should only be used in response to a recommendation by a health care professional.

Some vitamins and minerals as cures for fever blister

· Lysine is one of the most important things to use when you have a mouth sore. The amino acid fights the virus and can be taken in any form, but not for more than six months at a time.

· B vitamins are important for stress and one of the best cures for fever blister.

· Vitamin A and Essential Fatty Acids help heal skin.

· Vitamin C heals and helps with connective tissue

· Zinc Fights viruses and stimulates immune system function.

One of the cures for fever blister is the application of ice to the sore. When applied for approximately ten minutes every hour, this solution may prevent the fever blister from developing any further. Other substances you can apply which may help are witch hazel and spirit of camphor.

Changing your diet during an outbreak may also work as one of the cures for fever blister. Cutting back on acidic and salty foods, drinks with caffeine, and foods like chocolate, peanuts, oatmeal and anything else that is high in arginine can shorten the healing time of the fever blisters. Adding B12 and folic acid into your diet can also help shorten healing time.

Probably the easiest cures for fever blister, with clean hands, moisten your fingers and press them into common salt. Apply to the fever blister for 30 seconds or so. Just as gargling warm salt water can help sore throat and canker sores, placing salt on fever blisters may reduce healing time.

Fever blisters can last up to 14 days. However, if you find any of the cures for fever blister you try isn’t working and the outbreak is lasting longer than two weeks, seeking medical advice may be advantageous.

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