Cures for klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosome disorder that affects males. Normally, a male has two chromosomes that determine his sex: an X inherited from his mother and a Y inherited from his father. A male with Klinefelter syndrome has an additional X chromosome.

Before knowing Cures for klinefelter syndrome, one should know the effects vary and may include:

· Infertility – the condition may be diagnosed when an apparently normal male is seen because they have fertility problems.

· Reduced testicle size – the testicle may not develop properly.

· Late puberty – not enough of the male hormone testosterone is produced and puberty may be late. These boys may be given testosterone treatment so they develop normal male physical characteristics like facial hair and a deeper voice.

Klinefelter syndrome occurs in around one in every 500 male babies, which makes it one of the most common abnormalities of the sex chromosomes. This condition is also known as XXY syndrome. The additional X chromosome does not influence sexual orientation but in any case, Cures for klinefelter syndrome are required.

Cures for klinefelter syndrome

Klienfelter Syndrome is a genetic condition, and as such there is no cure for the condition. However, different types of Cures for klinefelter syndrome are available which can help the males cope with their symptoms.

As children, these males can qualify to get special education and help from their teachers. The method of teaching should include the breaking down of larger tasks into smaller tasks so that the child can cope with and understand the lessons properly.

There are also a host of therapies available for speech, behavioral patterns, mental health, occupational therapies which can help reduce the problems with speech, low self confidence, and muscle tone and conditioning.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is also used as one of the Cures for klinefelter syndrome to make normal testosterone levels in XXY males. This usually begins when the male reaches puberty, and can help build muscles, deepen the voice and grow facial and body hair.

Some males can also benefit from fertility treatments so as to help them father children. However, this is not possible in 95 to 99 per cent of the cases, as we have seen above, as they are infertile. This type of treatment can benefit only those who have a low sperm count. The best practice to follow is to detect and begin Cures for klinefelter syndrome as early as possible.

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