Cures for Leg Cramps

Muscle contraction causing a “charley horse”

A muscle cramp is a sudden, uncontrolled contraction of a muscle. This type of pain is most commonly experienced in the legs, and therefore often called a leg cramp or a “charley horse.”

Leg cramps occur when the muscle suddenly and forcefully contracts. The most common muscles to contract in this manner are muscles that cross two joints. These muscles include the calf (crossing the ankle and knee), the hamstring (crossing the knee and hip), and the quadriceps (also crossing the knee and hip).

Leg cramps usually last less than one minute, but may last several minutes before the contraction subsides. In some patients, the leg cramps occur primarily at night, and can awaken the patient from sleep. Whatever the case, one must seek Cures for leg cramps

Some of the effective cures for leg cramps

PEPPERMINT (Mentha piperita) One of the most powerful vasoconstrictors in aromatherapy and a powerful analgesic pain reliever Peppermint oil is excellent for relieving muscle spasms and Cures for leg cramps

SWEET MARJORAM (Origanum marjorana) An antispasmoidic Marjoram stimulates blood circulation making it a nice addition to your blends for relieving muscular aches and pain. Excellent for topical application to ease pain from strained muscles and Cures for leg cramps

LAVENDER (Lavendula augustifolia) An Analgesic (pain reliever), an Antispasmodic (calms nervous and muscular spasms and cramps), a Restorative (helps to strengthen and revive the body systems), a Sedative (soothing, tranquilizing, calming effect on the body), and a Relaxant (soothing, relaxing, relieving strain or tension)

DIRECTIONS: Dilute your synergy blend in your favorite carrier oil. I recommend Pure Light Coconut oil as it is fully metabolized by the body and, unlike most oils, not absorbed into the fatty cells and tissues of the body, making it an ideal carrier for essential oils to move through the fat cells beneath the dermis and into the blood vessels serving muscles, etc. As well Pure Light Coconut oil remains liquid at room temperature and, because of its light consistency, will not clog skin pores, making it suitable to use on sensitive or problem skin.

Dispense 1-3 drops into the palm of your hand, inhale & apply oil to your Mid-calf muscle & Achilles tendons, massaging gently. The oils will enter through the neurovascular points located in these areas to effectively trigger your relaxation and healing response to promote fast Cures for leg cramps

A massage and gentle stretching of the area that has been affected is usually the best method used to relieve an attack of the cramp. Though painkillers are not used for sudden attacks, it might sometimes be used to help ease muscle tenderness and discomfort which at times carries on for up to 24 hours after the cramp has gone away. This is one of the best Cures for leg cramps

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