Cures for Snoring

The market is flooded with gadgets that claim to beat snoring. But do they work and how do they compare with traditional remedies? We tried ten ‘cures for snoring‘ and a snoring expert for their verdict.

Certain things should be kept well and truly behind closed bedroom doors, and this is one of them. But in the interests of medical science I will reveal a disturbing truth about my nightlife: I snore.
I’m not alone. Up to 40 per cent of middle-aged men snore. And not just men, as wives might have us believe, it’s up to 28 per cent of middle-aged women too.

But in my family, I am the sole culprit, which is why I agreed to test a range of anti-snoring devices and techniques as cures for snoring. Snoring is the noise made when air causes the throat area or the nasal passages to vibrate.

The main causes are being overweight, smoking and alcohol. I plead guilty to two or three glasses of wine each evening and a cigarette a day, but I don’t feel overweight. My mission: to stop snoring in ten days. First, says the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, I must test to see if the noise is coming from my nose or my throat. If you can make a snoring noise with your mouth open and closed, try this: stick your tongue out as far as it will go and grip it between your teeth. Now try to make a snoring noise. If it is reduced, you are probably a ‘tongue base snorer’ (your tongue is vibrating, causing the problem). Nose snorers can snore with their mouth closed.

Cures for snoring

Adults who suffer from mild snoring can try the following to Stop snoring.

Loosing weight can sometimes cure snoring. Snoring is more common in overweight people. Follow a healthy lifestyle to develop good muscle tone and lose weight.

Avoid sleeping pills, tranquilizers, or antihistamines before sleeping unless very necessary or prescribed by your doctor.

Avoid alcohol and Stop snoring ! Drinking can cause snoring and hence, it is to be followed as one of the cures for snoring.

Cures snoring by following a regular sleeping pattern.

You are likely to snore more when you sleep on your back. Sleep on your side instead of your back. This may help you to stop snoring.

Hundreds of ‘stop snoring devices’ and ‘snoring remedies‘ are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as cures for snoring. Wish you all the best !

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  1. marcus says:

    I enjoyed reading your article on snoring. One solution that many people are unaware of is nasal irrigation. I snore and recently my doctor recommended Nasopure, a nose wash. It has helped opened my air ways so i can now breathe easier and i no longer snore. Their website is very informative too.

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