Dad’s role on delivery day

Childbirth is almost like a movie. Mommy plays the leading role and she will take away all the limelight. Though equally important, dad, the supporting actor is sidelined. But, dads can be extremely helpful during the trauma of labour and even at the time of childbirth. It is important for dad to discuss about his responsibilities with mom during the pregnancy months itself and get a clear picture of what is expected of him during and after delivery.

Pregnant mother will have to leave for the hospital at least a couple of days before the due date of delivery. Dad can be of extreme help in doing the last minute preparations. Of course, the mother’s mind will be laden with apprehensions regarding the impending labour and is therefore likely to forget many essential things. It is the dad’s responsibility to double-check whether the hospital kit contains all the necessary items. Ensure that everything is packed according to the hospital checklist. Older kids will have to be dropped at their grandparents’ house or at some other place where they will be secure.

At least a week before the expected date of delivery, keep your vehicle well fuelled. During post-natal check ups, as you accompany your wife to the hospital, familiarise yourself with all its ins and outs.

If by any chance, labour pain has already commenced unexpectedly as you drive your way to the hospital, do not panic. Your wife’s body is going through a lot of painful stages and you should provide her calm support. Childbirth classes are always helpful in enabling dads to face the situation better. In your tension and excitement, do not forget to inform close friends and family members. It is always wise to keep a couple of blood donors ready, if in case an emergency pops up.

Keep yourself involved in all stages of delivery. Your responsibility as a father starts at the very moment the pregnancy test is found to be positive. Be prepared to welcome your child in to your world.


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