Daily Intake of Vitamins for Women

Humans need a certain daily intake of food supplements. This page summarizes recommended daily intakes by various health experts and agencies in order to provide an overview of recommended daily allowances of all vitamins and minerals.


New recommendation for daily intake of vitamins for women says that 400 micrograms for adults (up from 180 and 200 micrograms for women ); 600 micrograms for pregnant women (up from 400 micrograms).

Why the change? Scientists have shown that folate deficiency in pregnant women can cause neural-tube defects, like spina bifida, in infants. Folate also controls levels of an amino acid that may be linked to heart disease.

How to get enough folate: Bread, cereal, pasta and other grains are now fortified with folic acid, the synthetic version of folate. Folate also occurs naturally in many foods, including spinach, beans, nuts and oranges. A multivitamin contains 400 micrograms.


New recommendation for daily intake of vitamins for women: 1,000 milligrams until age 50 for all women; 1,200 milligrams thereafter (up from 800 milligrams).

Why the change? The mounting evidence that calcium deficiency contributes to osteoporosis.

How to get it: Dairy products are calcium powerhouses. But you need to drink four cups of skim milk to reach 1,200 milligrams. Fish with edible bones are good; also calcium-fortified foods and antacid pills containing calcium. Buy Calcium Liquid Supplements here


New recommendation for daily intake of vitamins for women: 400 I.U.’s (international units) for anyone age 51 and older; 600 I.U.’s for anyone age 71 and older.

Why the change? According to Dr. Bess Dawson-Hughes, a Tufts University researcher, vitamin D deficiency is common in older people. That is bad news since this vitamin helps bones absorb calcium.

How to get daily intake of vitamins for women: Spend 10 or 15 minutes in strong sunlight each day before applying sun block. (Don’t bother during the winter if you live in the north.) Milk provides 100 I.U.’s of vitamin D a cup. Multivitamins contain 400 I.U.’s, but don’t take two or you will consume too much vitamin A, says Dr. Dawson-Hughes. Instead, consider a multivitamin, plus one vitamin D supplement.

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