Dakota Fanning Busy On The Red Carpet

If asked who is the hottest child star in Hollywood, the name Dakota Fanning is sure to come to your mind. That itself is a proof of the popularity gained by the fourteen-year-old actress. Of course, the little girl who strolled into Charlotte’s Web a couople of years back is no more the same. She has grown and has moulded herself as a hot star with two films in her kitty ready to hit the box office.

The talented Dakota Fanning is reported to have handled the starring role in Coraline with ease. In this movie she is being portrayed as a bored girl, Coralline Jones, who, discovers a secret door in her new house. As she steps in, she discovers an entirely strange world that is new to her. Her amusement in this alternate world is revealed as the story unfolds. But, slowly, she realizes that the ‘magic door world’ is not as alluring as it appears to be. She realizes that she has to be extremely prudent and cautious to save herself from being trapped in this parallel world forever.

No wonder, if you are reminded of Alice and her wonderland. There is a close similarity between the two stories. However, Coralline is devoid of those ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ messages. The movie hopefully will be a fine treat to children who are less than twelve. No doubt, adults can also reserve their ticket if they wish to indulge in an evening of childhood nostalgia.

‘Coralline’ is not the lone source of ecstasy for Dakota. You will also find her in an adjoining theater in the guise of Cassie Holmes in the sci-fi movie, Push. Here also, Dakorta is pushed into a strange world of psychic espionage. But, the people with whom she encounters are of a different breed this time. In ‘Push’, she finds herself associating with people who have been artificially enhanced to see the future, move objects using mental power and much, more.


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