Dandruff cause and cure

A person suffering from dandruff shed the skin on the scalp quite more frequently. Here, instead of shedding the skins every month, the dandruff sufferer will shed skin every second week or even earlier. There are plenty of suspected causative factors that why the skin on the scalp sheds quite frequently as compared to is normal state.

Out of all the dandruff causes, the commonest cause for dandruff is the presence of something called the Malassezia furfur. This is fungus and is found on the skin’s surface on an individual suffering or not suffering from dandruff. The role of this fungus is metabolizing the human fats. When this fungus grows very quickly, then the normal pace of skin cell regeneration gets altered and dandruff starts appearing. Dandruff causes might also be associated to overactive oil gland or factors such as severe sweating, family history, food allergy, using alkaline or harsh beauty bars, some of the hair products such as dye, hair sprays or hair gels, stresses, yeast infection and environmental factors.

To support above matter, for instance, in wintertime the atmosphere is quite drier and colder and this can initiate the trouble or heighten it. Exposure to Ultra violate rays or excess dust are also causes for dandruff and might lead to the development of dandruff.

Let us look at dandruff cure:-
The decoction (Water of boiled Neem leaves) of Neem leaves will help in getting rid from the dandruff.
One should always wash the combs, hairbrushes and towels with medicated solution in hot water. A person suffering from dandruff should never share such things with others.

Some of the natural products such as ZYX Hair Care help getting rid of dandruff naturally.
One should also clean the pillow cover regularly, get this changed daily if possible or put a towel on it to cover it during sleep. Taking this precaution will stop spreading dandruff to other family members.
Some of the natural oils such as tea tree oil and rosemary oil are considered to be helpful to reduce dandruff. One can add some drops of them in massage oil and then make an application of this mixture on the scalp; this reduces the problem of dandruff.

It is advisable that one should always brush the hair in a proper manner and tie when they are totally dry. If the wet hair are tied, the moister and sweat which is left inside and may give rise to many health care problems such as lice and dandruff.


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