Dane Cook accuses half-brother of forgery

Comedian Dane Cook’s half-brother has allegedly misused more than 10 million dollars from him. The well-planned theft series included even the cashing of a forged cheque of three million dollars at a Boston bank. All these details were let out by Cook’s prosecutor.

Assistant Attorney General Richard D. Grundy reported that the forty-three-year old Darryl McCauley signed Cook’s name on the cheque in order to get it cashed at the Bank of America branch at 100 Federal Street in the Financial District.

Apparently, McCauley needed the money for funding himself on a cross-country trip by plane, train, and rental car.  McCauley was serving as Cook’s business manager for nearly two decades.
“None of these moves were authorized by Mr. Cook,” Grundy stated at the District Court.  As per the complaint registered, McCauley was arrested and his houses both at Wilmington and Maine were searched by authorities. Grundey said that the officers were able to discover $800,000 in cash in $100 bills from McCauley’s residence.

McCauley said little during his brief accusation. However he did plead not guilty to charges of forgery made against him. McCauley’s attorney, Robert Goldstein, denied all the accusations made by Grundey and added that his client never withdrew any money without procuring either Cook’s consent or his authorization.
Apparently, his half-brother has been working as Cook’s part-time business manager since the 1990s. It was later in 2005 that he was appointed as a full-time employee with a monthly salary of $12,500. He was entitled with the task of managing Cook’s financial affairs.

McCauley was held responsible of the receipt and payment of various money bills. Apart from this, he was also entrusted with the charge of dealing with the income that came from various other businesses owned by Cook.

McCauley has been asked to surrender his passport and is held on a bail of three million dollars. He is scheduled to report at the court on fifteenth of January.


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