Dealing with burning mouth

Burning mouth (also called burning tongue syndrome) is a condition that demands medical attention if it becomes severe. Doctors are sure to subject you to a detailed oral examination in order to determine the kind of fungus that has multiplied enormously. Everything based on your oral habits will be probed into. Continuous pain, soreness, and irritation of the gums are the common symptoms of burning mouth. You will have to check your blood cell count in order to rule out other infections or anaemia. Blood will also be monitored for some nutritional irregularities or even diabetes.

The kind of treatment of burning mouth varies from person to person and is generally based on the root cause of the disorder. If the irregularity in your mouth is due to dryness, it is likely to be the side effect of some medication. In such a case, you simply have to alter the prescription. If due to nutritional deficiencies, doctors are sure to make you eat nutritional supplements. A more balanced diet will also be prescribed. If it is an outbreak of thrush, oral antifungals are the common remedy.

Antidepressants taken to bring psychological conditions such as stress and anxiety under control can also result in dry mouth. Dryness is sure to end in irregularities such as burning mouth. If the problem does not subside in severity even after a few days of occurrence, it is always wise to seek medical aid. People who are prone to burning mouth should take care not to irritate the mouth tissues. Obsessive brushing and abundant use of mouthwash should be strictly restricted. They should also keep away from drinks that are high in acid content. Smoking is also found to have a negative impact on the sensitive mouth tissues. It is always advisable to prevent an outbreak of burning mouth, as it is really hard to bring it under control.

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