Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissues. The massage aims at releasing stress and tension of connective tissue through slow strokes. Direct deep finger pressure is exerted on the specific areas of massage. Such a massage helps in breaking up and removing scar tissue. The greatest advantage of the deep tissue massage is that its result will be known with in a couple of days itself. It differs from Swedish massage in that here the exerted pressure will be of greater intensity.

Deep Tissue Massage is an extremely focused and healthy treatment, which is sure to make you feel good. Stressed muscles tend to block the essential nutrients and oxygen. This causes inflammation in muscle tissues due to the accumulation of toxins. Through deep tissue massage the stressed muscle tissues get relaxed and toxins get released from muscles. Thus deep tissue massage helps in the free circulation of blood and oxygen to various body parts. However, one should not forget to supply the body with abundant quantities of water both before and after the deep tissue massage. This will help in the rapid elimination of toxic waste materials from the body.

Deep Tissue Massage relaxes and soothes the stressed muscles. Thus it is both corrective and therapeutic at the same time. Though the deep tissue massage generally does not hurt, you should speak up if you find the pressure intolerable.

Usually, deep tissue massage is done to people who are recovering from accidents or sports injuries. It increases the blood circulation within muscles that remain underused. It also helps in relieving chronic muscle tension throughout the body. People who are suffering from prolonged mental illness should not be subjected to deep tissue massage. As with any other massage, it is advisable to avoid heavy meals and alcoholic substances beforehand. People who are pregnant and those who have a history of respiratory ailments should keep away from deep tissue massage.


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