Diabetes and alcohol

Diabetesalcohol A man who was fond of wine was offered some grapes at dessert after dinner “Much obliged”, said he, pushing the plate aside, “I am not accustomed to take my wine in pills.”

We can cite several similar examples in our daily life for people who are addicted to alcohol and find it very hard to quit or give up, such strong is their fascination towards alcohol.

Since our lifestyle has made most of us diabetic, it becomes very imperative to discuss the effects of alcohol on diabetes.

Alcohol and diabetes are related to each other since alcohol intake can have an adverse effect on your diabetes. Diabetes is an insulin related disease in which the body either produces insufficient insulin hormone or no insulin hormone at all.

Actually insulin hormone is produced by pancreas and this insulin is helpful in processing the food we eat. It maintains proper sugar levels in the blood. When alcohol is processed by the body it can cause your blood sugar to rise.

However having diabetes does not prevent the intake of alcohol so utmost care should be taken to take the alcohol in moderate amounts.

In a diabetic person excess consumption of alcohol can lead to increased serum triglycerides. Diabetics who have high triglycerides should not consume alcohol at all.

Also a diabetic person who has nerve damage in arms or legs, have diabetic eye disease and have high blood pressure should not consume alcohol at all since these can make the diabetic conditions worse.

Diabetics who take insulin injections can lower their blood sugar levels if they consume alcohol since alcohol restricts the liver’s inability to produce glucose.

Red wine, dry white wine, dry sherries, dry light beers and whisky, gin and vodka with diet mixes can be consumed by a diabetic person but in very moderate amounts.

Sweet wine, sweetened beer, wine coolers, spirits with normal mixture, cocktail and undiluted spirit should either be consumed with utmost caution or not consumed at all since these have high sugar content.

Whenever you consume alcohol take alcohol with food, never drink neat, always mix water or diet soft drinks and drink slowly. Be cautious not to exceed two drinks of alcohol in a single day.


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