Diet while travelling

Travellers on vacation tend to free themselves from all chains of routine restrictions that otherwise fasten them. This is especially true with regard to food. Of course, there is no doubt that holiday tours are meant for absolute enjoyment. But such freedom without any borders are sure to rob you even off those minimal pleasures which you used to enjoy on ordinary days. Just think how devastating can a week of French fries and oily snacks be on your general health. Both your shape and motivation will be lost.

Certain health tips need to be observed strictly even while on a tour. Bringing your running shoes with you is one of them. Never compromise on your usual morning jog session. While on tour, always opt for low-calorie meals. Taking homemade sandwiches along with you is a good idea as it is good both for your health and your pocket. As far as possible, stay at hotels with good gyms. Take your yoga mat with you. Regular yoga exercises can be done easily inside the hotel rooms. If you cannot resist the temptation of snacks, candy and chips, better deny yourself the entry into the hotel minibar. Buying fresh fruits and keeping them accessible in your hotel room will make you eat them when hungry.

Planning is another important requisite for a healthy holiday diet. Instead of madly rushing into the first fast food outlet you see on the roadside and gulping in whatever you could order out of hunger is a wrong practice. While on a sightseeing trip, always consult with the hotel staff and get a picture of the place you are going to visit including places where you can get healthy and hygienic food of your choice. It is an extremely bad idea to start the trip on an empty stomach. Portable snack options include fresh or dried fruit, low-sugar granola bars, raw nuts (but keep the portions to about 1/4 cup) and soy nuts, mini carrots and bottled water.


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