Disney Hidden Sexual Messages

June 4, 2008

Is it truth or Urban Legend that there are hidden messages in Disney Movies? For over 10 years people have argued that Disney has slipped in sexually explicit innuendos into almost every movie they have produced in the 90′s and before.

Remember that a single slide is only on the screen for a fraction of a second, so it is often hard to spot.

Below are some of the myths:

Disney hidden sexual messages no. 1 – Aladdin – In Aladdin, the classic Arabian story, at the end of one of the major songs if you turn the volume very high, you hear a voice say “All good girls take their clothes off!” its almost imperceptible you are blasting the volume or are sitting close to the speaker. Truth! I have heard it for myself! Although it is hard to differentiate if it says “All good girls take their clothes off” or just mumbling then “Take your clothes off.”

Disney hidden sexual messages no. 2 The Rescuers - The pornographic image of a naked woman can be spotted in the background of The Rescuers. Just about thirty eight minutes into the film, as Bianca and Bernard fly through the city in a sardine box strapped to the back of Orville, the Albatross Air Charter Service, the photographic picture can be seen in the window of a building in the background in two different (non-consecutive) frames. Truth! This one is completely true because on the Eight of January, 1999, Disney announced a recall of the home video version of their 1977 classic!

Disney hidden sexual messages no. 3 – Beauty & the Beast – In beauty and the beast, apparently there is a dildo in the large dance number with the candlestick and the teapots.
It is Undecided. I have watched the movie and have not seen the mystery dildo, but I have heard many people swear that it’s there.

Disney hidden sexual messages no. 4 The Lion King – In the lion king u can see the word “sex” emerge in the dust when Simba lays down. Truth! The words do appear in the sky but only for a split second. You may have to pause the movie to see it. Supposedly this was discovered by an eight year old child many years ago. Disney tried to clear up this gossip by saying that the letters are actually “Sfx”, standing for Special FX” – which is stupid too.

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