Do some foods make you stink

Body odor is by all means a sensitive topic. We are all ready to spend much on deodorants and other perfumes that fights body odor. Now, listen, the food that you eat is found to have a direct relation with the odor that comes from your body.

Many deodorants and antiperspirants that compete with each other to be bought by us are made with aluminum in order to prevent the natural perspiration of the sweat glands. This aluminum is found to make a very adverse impact on the effective functioning of our nervous system.

If you are willing to regulate your eating habits, you can save both your body and your pocket by totally avoiding the so-called odor-fighting agents. To put it simply, fast food culture will have to be avoided to the maximum. Red meat and all junk foods are found to emit bad odor from your body.

Red meat is indeed the major one cause of body odor. It results in digestive stagnation and thereby releases all sorts of different toxins into the bloodstream through the large intestine. This in turn makes your body stink.  A person who consumes red meat on a daily basis is sure to be embarrassed with the “you stink!” comments.

The manufactured foods that lack in fiber content and made with refined white flour, added sugars, hydrogenated oils and other processed ingredients also make the person who eat it emit strong body odor.
Plant-based diet is found to work as an internal deodorizer.

The aromatic herbs make excellent choices. Parsley, cilantro, celery and all mint species should also be increasingly included in the diet. It is advisable to go for a cent percent healthy diet that is rich in whole grains, massive quantities of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, soy products, sprouts, raw nuts and nutritious seeds. Sticking on to such a greener diet is sure to make you feel and smell fresh.

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