Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Studies based on the topic reveals that penis size has no physical effect on the extent of female sexual satisfaction. The vagina is capable of adapting itself according to the size of the penis. Surveys also reveal that women are more concerned over the width of the penis, rather than its length.

Scientifically, this attitude of women is justified by the finding that the width of the penis base has a more stimulating effect on the clitoris. A wide penis is found to be capable of providing the woman with a ‘greater feeling of fullness.’ That is why women feel more satisfied, both emotionally and physiologically, with such men.

It is common for human beings to worry about the size and nature of their genital organs. This is because we often connect the size of our reproductive organs with sexual performance and satisfaction. Mostly, penis appears to be shorter when viewed from certain angles, where as in reality, they will be normal-sized.

If one is really concerned about the appearance of his penis, then it is better for him to consult an expert urologist. It is not advisable to listen to what friends or colleagues have to say in this matter. In most cases, a medical reassurance that everything is all right is all that is needed to get over the menace.

By this time you might have come across various medication advertisements claiming to increase the length of the penis. Such medications are made available in varied forms such as pills, patches, penile enlarging exercises, penile suction devices etc. All such claims are not found to be very successful, with pills and patches absolutely being considered as an absolute waste of time by experts. In case of penile enlargement surgery, the risk of deformity and infection is considerably high. Though surgery might result in the increased size of penis, it will make no change in the size during erection.

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