Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy

As the wonder of conception occurs, all women will start to show the first possible signs of pregnancy. These are essentially physical or emotional signals from our body telling us that we’re in for some big changes.

Our body has a great way of communicating with our mind, instead of words and phrases; we will start to experience changes and symptoms. These are changes that are simply codes for us to decode, once we’ve broken the code and understand the earliest likely signs of pregnancy; our body has done its job.

Usually, women will experience one or more of the more common earliest possible signs of pregnancy, at first this might not necessarily be enough for them to think that they are pregnant, so it is often the case a combination of pregnancy signs will end in the woman deciding upon a home pregnancy test kit.

By the same token, a lot of women experience pregnancy signs even before they miss their period for that cycle, a missed period is by far the most well known of the pregnancy signs. Some women will also experience pregnancy signs a lot quicker than others, especially if they are in tune with their body; it is not unusual for women to experience pregnancy signs within a week of conception.

One of the early signs of pregnancy is spotting or bleeding, however not all women experience implantation bleeding so it is not considered one of the most obvious pregnancy signs. As most women connect a missed period with the signs of being pregnant, it is possible that you will not notice any of the other more common earliest possible signs of pregnancy. Once you’ve missed your period, you might look back and recognize the changes in retrospect.

Other well known pregnancy signs include tiredness and morning sickness. Again, on their own they may not be enough to trigger thoughts of being pregnant. Fatigue and tiredness is one of the most evil of pregnancy signs, you will feel completely wiped out for days on end. Yet, there is little you can do to counter these feelings except to take regular early nights and try to take part in light exercise.

Morning sickness is one of the pregnancy signs which is not experienced by all women. Some say that it is possible to determine the sex of your baby based on whether you had morning sickness. Although this has not been methodically proven, it can be a useful indicator. What has been proven is that morning sickness reduces the chances of miscarriage.

The doctor will discuss the earliest possible signs of pregnancy with you and take a blood test. Once they have confirmed the pregnancy, they will sit down with you and go through with you what to expect and provide you with a pregnancy due date.

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