Eat less and feel full

A common question asked by people who are obese is that how can they not feed themselves when dying of hunger. Actually, the solution to this problem is not that tough. Big meals actually overrule the body cues that indicate it had had enough. It should also be noted that craving might not be due to hunger alone. It can also be caused by mental irregularities such as depression, anxiety etc. As a result, we eat and eat when we are actually not hungry. If your appetite happens to be a true and healthy one, then you will find it hard to lose weight. In that case, the only way out is to go after such food materials that make you feel ‘full’ even though you have eaten less of it.

Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of fibre and water and as a result they quickly fill your tummy up. The advantage is that they are low in calories and thereby does not add to your weight. Instead of cutting down your meals, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Variety, no doubt, is the spice of life. Bring in maximum variety to your diet. Experiment new dishes with strawberries, corn, grape fruit etc. Protein-rich food also makes you feel full easily. Fatty foodstuffs need to be limited. Cakes and such other fatty food actually override the body hormones that tell us we are full. Soft drinks are rich providers of calories and those who cannot get rid of them tend to be more obese that those who stick to low-fat milk and fruit juice.

Snacking on protein–rich foods will help you cut down weight. It is a wrong practice to nibble carbohydrate rich oily snacks in between meals. If possible, supply yourself with light healthy snacks rather than heavy meals.

Eat until you’re “hara hachi bu” is a Japanese saying that when translated reads “eat until you’re 80 percent full.” If you stop eating when you feel almost full, you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

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