Eat your way to healthy hair

A balanced diet is not a demand made by your body alone. Your hair also requires a well-balanced diet for its health. If you have dry type of hair that breaks easily, make sure that your diet consists of adequate quantities of essential fatty acids. This means that your diet should consist of fishes such as trout, salmon, herrings, tuna, sardines and mackerel. Fatty acids are also found in seeds, nuts and avocados. Make sure that you drink plenty of water daily.

Traces of mineral silica are also essential for healthy hair. Silica strengthens the hair and prevents breakage. Rice, oats, lettuce, parsnips, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, onion, strawberry, cabbage, cucumber etc contain this mineral.

If your hair is greasy in nature, you are likely to be deficient in Vitamin B. Make sure that your diet consists of dairy products, eggs, whole grains such as wheat, nuts, seeds and legumes. Beans, sunflower seeds and peas are also rich in Vitamin B. Greasy haired people should also avoid oily food as far as possible.

Diet solution for thin hair that easily fall out is iron rich foods. Hair fall can sometimes be due to iron deficiency and so make sure that your diet consists of red meat, eggs, legumes and dried fruits. It is also wise to increase the intake of food materials such as meats, eggs, cheese and seeds that are abundant in protein. Protein helps in reinforcing the weakened follicles and also checks hair fall. Soya protein is found to stimulate hair growth. If the reason for hair fall happens to be thyroid dysfunction, then your diet should contain plenty of leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grains that are rich in Vitamin E. Avocados, rice bran and legumes are also granaries of this vitamin.

If you want your hair to be healthy and strong, make sure that your meals are well-balanced that consists of plenty of healthy proteins and essential vitamins.


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