Effective Housekeeping Tips

We all find our household chores to be unending. However hard we try, the house just will not fall back to order. But the right attitude together with certain effective steps will surely enable us to tackle the task easily within no time.

The job of a housekeeper is indeed a thankless one. This is a service that is always taken for granted. With more and more women going out for jobs, the entire family should take up house keeping as a common responsibility. The workload should be distributed among all family members. Women should also free themselves from their notion that a job will be effectively done only if they themselves do it. If you stick to that belief, then there is no point in feeling cheated when others do not help. Chores will get done in a fraction of the time when done together. At the same time all members will feel satisfied that they too contributed to keep the house tidy. It should be ensured that people are not overburdened. The distribution of labour should be according to the age, interest and physical fitness of each member. Ask your son to do the errand work. He will enjoy it and will be more co-operative than when asked to peel onions.

While the work is done, there should be no bossing. Try ‘requesting’ rather than ‘commanding’ and the result will be better. It is a good idea to list out a ‘to-do’ list for each member. The entire atmosphere should be that of fun and joy. Do let your kids play their favourite music as they tidy up their study room. Even if the job is not “up to your mark”, do not scold and make them re do it. Such a step is sure to kill their enthusiasm and they might not be obliging the next time. Mistakes can be pointed out later when they are in a listening mood. Never ever forget to compliment them for every good work from their part.


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