Effective waxing tips

Waxing has been widely acknowledged as the most effective and economical means of removing unwanted body hair. You can choose from the wide varieties of hard wax, cold wax, hot wax, soft wax, microwave wax and waxing strips that are available in the market. However, there are a few tips which if followed are sure to yield the desired waxing results.

Always make sure to test the product on a small area of your hands or legs before applying it all over the required body part. In case of an allergic response from the body, the product should certainly be discarded. The waxed area should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a minimum period of forty eight hours. When you finally get ready to move out in the sun, never forget to apply a good sun screen lotion. The minimum hair length required for waxing it off is one eighth of an inch. Before waxing, clean the skins thoroughly in order to get rid off the remnants of your body lotion or cream. Such remnants are likely to play villain and might prevent wax from sticking perfectly to the skin. Hair should be made dry before waxing. This is because; wax will not adhere properly on wet and soft hair. If your skin is extremely sensitive, it is advisable to apply a pain reducing gel half an hour before waxing. The wax layer should be laid in the direction of hair growth. The cotton strip should also be applied in the same direction. About one third of the strip end should be left free to catch firmly while pulling it back. Rapid and smooth pullbacks are found to be most effective in stripping off the hair completely. It is advisable to avoid tight clothing over the waxed areas. If you are a person who is being treated for acnes, then waxing will have to wait till the treatment gets over and the skin is completely healed.

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