Energy drinks Vs Dental Health

Energy drinks have become a part and parcel of a sportsman’s kit to the extent that they are increasingly called as Sports beverages. They are supposed to recharge and revitalise the body, when it get exhausted after a workout. But the truth is that it does more harm than good. Actually, the irreversible damaging blow that it gives to our dental health is even worse than the damage done by soft drinks. The outer protective layer of our teeth, the enamel, gets deteriorated when exposed to the so-called energy drinks.

We all know how badly the cola-based soft drinks can affect our health. Studies reveal that the harm done by energy drinks, including canned ice teas, to dental enamel is three to eleven times greater than the damage done by soft drinks. Canned ice teas also cause severe harm to our teeth.

The food additives in these ‘energisers’ contain strong acids that result in the break down of the tooth enamel. Phosphoric, citric, malic and tartaric are the major hazardous acids present in the sports beverages. Most Cola-based soft drinks usually contain phosphoric or citric acids. But, sports beverages contain the other additives and also certain organic acids that can fasten up dental erosion. The organic acids are extremely destructive as they are powerful enough to breakdown the calcium present in our teeth. Destruction of calcium not only deteriorates the teeth but also makes it prone to gum diseases.

So, energy drinks pose enough threat to our health and rightly deserve to be completely discarded. However, we have come to a stage where we cannot simply cut them out of our daily routine. Then, the only alternative is to find ways to minimise the harm done by them. One method is to avoid sitting for long by sipping the energy drinks. Though it might feel awkward, the sports beverages need to be chugged down with in no time.

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