Ewan MacGregor as Iago

Ewan Macgregor is training hard to get into the shoes of Iago, as part of an Othello enactment, which will be performed to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Michael Grandage as Donmar theatre’s artistic director. Othello, by no doubt, is one of the greatest classic tragedies of all time and Iago remains as the ultimate villainy personified. Macgregor, knows well how covetable the role is, as he has given up his usual fee and will appear as Iago for the Equity minimum wage of £400 a week. His director feels that Macgregor is so utterly charming that people will wonder how they can call him a baddie.

Though the ticket fares are high for the show, which will be held at Donmar Warehouse in Camden until February 23rd, they are fast being sold out since it is well worth. Guardian has called Michael Grandage’s Othello as “refreshingly classical”.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kelly Reilly and Ewan Macgregor respectively bring the three major characters of the play, Othello, Desdemona and Iago to life. It is strikingly evident that this is a beautiful union of three actors who have played prominent roles in Donmar’s work for the last five years. Macgregor who personifies “ motiveless malignity” made his first West End musical appearance in Donmar’s debut production outside its venue. Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays the role of the valerous general, Othello, has previously starred in Kinky Boots and Dirty Pretty Things. Likewise, Kelly Reilly who won wide acclaim for her After Miss Julie, is back to play Desdemona.

The production is also Grandage’s way of letting the film world know that he is there to stay on and will make his presence known in the coming years as well. The play will also launch the next stage of his work. However, Grandage do deserve the honour showered on him, for the impressive way he ran the theatre, which he succeeded, from Sam Mendes.


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