Exercises during pregnancy

A regular and systematic exercise routine is sure to do good to women who are in the family way. Such an exercise pattern will help them not only in gaining control over their body image but also in fighting depression. Pregnant women should positively mould their mind set in such a way that their changed body shape does not give them too much of concern. Researches have found that expecting women who are concerned about their body looks are more likely to develop depression during the end trimester of pregnancy. It is also revealed that those women who exercise regularly have greater regard for their body shape and thereby less depressive tendencies. Thus, a moderate and consistent exercise regime will certainly have a positive effect both on the mother and her developing foetus. It is also interesting to note that pre-pregnancy exercises too have a positive role in protecting women from the clutches of depression and dissatisfaction during the pregnancy periods.

During pregnancy, enough care should be taken to ensure that you are not overdoing exercises and thereby overexerting yourself. Always, one should listen to one’s own body and should go accordingly. A systematic yoga session is something you can opt for during your expectant months. It will do wonders both to your body and soul. You might not be physically able to cope with gym work outs during the last stages of pregnancy. However, methodical exercise sessions are least likely to cause harm to your baby. But, even the slightest signal of discomfort shown by the body should be considered as a warning to discard that particular exercise. This is because; each body is unique in nature and has its own way of responding to a particular external exertion. It is advisable to consult with health care providers before sticking to a particular exercise routine. Pregnant women also should keep away from constant switching over from one exercise pattern to another.


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