Eye care

Eye is the most important feature of any living being, particularly human. For humans, eyes express emotion and mood and on the other hand, eyes’ problems can ruin face’s beauty or makeup. A good natural eye gel such as St. Botanica Eye Gel can help keeping eyes healthy and sparkling and wrinkle free. Along with healthy dietary pattern and enough of hours of sleep help achieving eye care. Eyes are the best part of human body as they speak what the tongue cannot! Even the person who has no ability to talk can convey the message through the eyes. Taking good eye care of is indeed imperative as not only in cosmetic aspect but also from health point of view, eyes have got paramount importance.

Let us look some of the natural eye care ways:-

This is quite famous technique. For this, sit straight at your desk and rub the palms against each other that make you feel warm. The warmth of the palms will help soothing and relaxing tired eyes. The next step is to lightly cup the eyes with the palms and be relaxed for about one minute. You should count these seconds in the mind and should repeat this technique twice to thrice times whenever the eyes feel tired, or as often as desired. During palming, one can either rest the elbows on the desks or keep away from the desks to cup eyes properly; both are okay.

Splashing water on your face

You should splash your eyes with plain normal temperature water during breaks. Remember that the water is cleaned and fresh. This has overall relaxing effects that help you feel refresh.

Using teabags

One of the cheap but better ideas is to keep two used teabags in the refrigerator. This is to be done before you leave for the office. When you are home, placing those teabags onto the eyes for a few minutes makes you relaxed and feels comfortable. In addition, this will not only soothe tired eyes, but will also reduce any inflammation.

Eating healthy

Go for Vitamins such as A, C, and E on a daily basis. Better to eat citrus fruit, green leafy vegetables tomato, spinach, poultry and any dairy product. Pack a box of chopped carrots, cucumbers and fresh fruits and just has it between meals or during your work.

Some of the natural healers suggest taking natural supplements such as Neem and Triphala that help nourishing the body in a natural way that also heal any ailments associated with eyes.


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