Eyebrows care

Eyebrow caring is much the same as the hair removal: the more one eases up on the pain, the less effectual the technique appears to be. The more velvety smooth and hairless the skin, the less of a painless experience one is likely to get. There is one essentially exception, though, the proud owner of having both; person with low pain-threshold and groomed eyebrows. Many people might have discovered that eyebrow is the one area where one really can have easy hair removal without any terrible pains! It is all about learning to tweeze in a right way and one can simply have perfect eyebrows with minimal uncomfortableness.

Eyebrow-shaping is comparatively easy to do thing but (the cliché is true) it truly makes an enormous impact to the look of person’s face. First-time eyebrow shaping receivers can have benefits from getting some professional beauticians to do the primary shaping, that one can later maintain at home. But, if anyone likes to do it themselves, there are plenty of ways to help get it better.

Eyebrows care is all about maintaining the shape and thickness of the eyebrows. One should take care of the lice that can travel from the head to eyebrows and therefore, lice-free scalp is must. Another annoyin factor is dandruff that can also affect eyebrows. One should be dandruff-free to have good eyebrows.

Let us look at different faces on which particular shape/size of eyebrows suit:-

For long face, you require neither thick, nor thin eyebrows. Such kind of eyebrows, just what Nicole Kidman has is better. Here, they go up a little in the outside end, with its point on the side of the temple of the iris. They then go down and draws the attention on the sides of the face that ultimately broaden the features. To perform it, one should tweeze in the inferior part of the eyebrows just above the iris. One should then make it terminate in the exterior corner of the eyes. If the hair in the eyebrow does not have normal growth, one can adjust them by using special eyebrow-pencils.

If you have round and plump face, thickened eyebrows is for you. Thickened eyebrows (that do not mean the messy one) offer a protraction sensation to broad face and emphasize the optical effects of slim face. The notorious Oprah Winfrey (the United State queen of television shows) has mastery to give perfection to the art of eyebrows. For this, only the rebel hair is to be tweezed the hair that doesn’t fit the natural shape of the eyebrows. For a clean-effect, one can go for some colorless hair gel.


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