Face lifts

A face lift can be defined as a surgery that restores a vernal appearance to the neck, chin, cheeks and mid-face. The underlying supporting structures of the neck, jaw lines, and lower cheeks are lifted and loosened or excess skin tissues are removed through an incision that is made somewhere around the ears. This surgical procedure can be performed alone or might be combined with other techniques in order that improves other areas of the face like the brows, eyelids, or facial skin. Chin implants that shape up a weak chin and redefine a sharper jaw line, might be advised to help improving the dimensions of the lower third of the facial structure.

Face lifts: the procedure
There are many approaches to the face lifts that is designed to rejuvenate the lower portion of the face and the neck. The methods are classified into anterior (incision made front of the ears), posterior (incision made backside the ears), and anterior-posterior (incision made around the front and backside of the ears).
The anterior approach is made to lift the cheeks and jaw lines more as compared to the neck, the posterior approach will tighten the neck as compared to the face, and the anterior-posterior technique will lift both; the face and neck altogether. The anterior approach is generally performed on younger patients, whereas the posterior and anterior-posterior techniques are applied onto the older patients those require rejuvenation of the neck.

Though face lift is considered to be an effective treatment, being a surgery, it brings many complications such as pains, scar marks etc. Face lift asks for intensive care and therefore, many people are now going for natural herbal treatments and supplements that help keeping the skin healthy and youthful. Regular usage of natural supplements such as St. Botanica Day and Night Cream help achieving healthy face skin.

There are millions of people who do not want to undergo any knife! This is because during a face lift, the surgeon will make an incision along the creases in front of and behind the ears, peel back the skins, and tight the underlying supporting tissues of the face and neck making deep suturing. Many times, this is troublesome and bothers the patient a lot. Instead, regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables help keeping skin youthful. One can also consume some rejuvenating herbs such as Guggulu, Guduchi, Amlaki or can simply use herbal formula such as Glowin that is made up of blend of potential herbs that nourish the skin and offer glory naturally.


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